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Automatic Empty Dust Bucket-C7-Black



special function
◆ Visual dust bin observation window

◆ Hypoallergenic design
◆ 30000pa  large suction
◆ 5L large dust bag
◆ Dust bag in-situ detection
◆ Air pressure intelligent detection
◆ Aromatherapy and deodorization
◆ APP information push 


A8+ dust bucket parameters
Dust collection days: 50 days
Dust bag capacity: 5L
Size: 320*210.5*261.4mm
Weight: 4kg
Carton size: 400*380*375mm
Average noise level: 80dB
Recharge and alignment success rate: Floor/carpet 1 time docking success rate > 90% 2nd docking success rate 100%
Water capacity: 300mlAir pressure detection and alarm: the dust bag is full or the air inlet of the base station is blocked, the air outlet of the dust box is blocked, and the dust bucket lid is not closed. Need to detect A5: indicator + APP information push A8: indicator light + APP information push