Livirobo (standard)

Clean Now (neutral)



This app is used with "LDS laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner" products. You can easily unlock the following advanced features:


Full Cleaning: The robot will clean all areas according to the set global parameters, and automatically save the map after the first cleaning.

Select Room: The robot will clean according to single or multiple areas selected on the App map partition.

Zone Cleaning: The robot will clean the area planned on the App map partition.

Scheduled Cleaning >: Use the App to clean regularly. The robot will start cleaning at the specified time and return to the charging base for charging after cleaning.

Forbidden Zone: The App can be used to set the cleaning restricted area / mopping restricted area / virtual wall. After the setting is completed, the robot will not enter the restricted area and virtual wall isolation area during sweeping and mopping. The setted mopping restricted area will take effect only after the mop holder is installed.

Pin n Go: Use the App to specify the target point on the map, and the robot will automatically plan the route to the designated place for local cleaning.