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LDS laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner A8-W01



Product Features:

LDS Navigation & Fast scanning. Precise Positioning and Mapping.

Covered full house without blind area.


◆ Smallest Diameter 320mm, best for narrow area

◆ Single sweep, single mop and integrated sweep & mop

◆ 100% carpet recognition,automatically strengthen suction at sweeping and automatically evade carpet at mopping

◆ Multi-map Management, dividing areas with arbitrary storage and reuse;

◆ Dividing areas with software virtual wall, with much easier cleaning

◆ Breakpoint resume,  manually dividing areas, sweep at where you point


• LDS navigation + Carpet recognition;  
• Single dust box Or Dust box with water tank available ; 
• APP ( self-developed core, with graffiti cloud)and Bluetooth remote control optional ;  
• Magnetic stripe Virtual wall optional 
• To evade carpet automatically during Mopping process
• Hair Non-tangles : Navigation wheels, side brush, roller brush, driving wheel
• Extrication Structure and strong extrication capability
• Cleaning Efficiency: Side Brushes, 3 long+ 3 short


Product Specifications:


Navigation/  Mapping:LDS laser navigation

Cleaning route:Planing- Per area/room/floors



Output Voltage:14.4v ( Rated voltage)

Maximum Power:30W


Dustbox capacity:850ML

Integraged Water tank & dust box:420ml/450ml

Motor type:Brushless motor 3000 Pa

Obstacle height:20mm

Noise Level:65dB

Battery type:Lithium-ion

Battery capacity:3200mAh

Working time:110-120Min

Charging time:4-5h

Cleaning type:sweep / sweep & mop

Watering way:Electric control magnetic valve

Map memory:LDS laser

Alexa / Google assist:YES

Smart GPS home/ Charging:YES

Pre-set timing 7D24H:YES